Rick Huff

Operating Advisor

Rick Huff has spent his entire career in the enterprise B2B SAAS markets. Rick is currently Managing Partner at Huff Capital Inc., a Private Family Office that invests in a wide spectrum of investment segments across Capital Markets, Real Estate, Private Equity and Venture Capital.

Rick led the sales, marketing and client relations departments as SVP Sales and Marketing at KUBRA, a leading provider of Billing, Payment, and customer communication software and solutions to enterprise level utility, insurance and government organizations. During his 24-year tenure at KUBRA, Rick lead the company from $250,000 in revenue to over $160 million USD. Rick help managed the sale of KUBRA in 2014 to the Hearst Corporation in New York. 

Mr. Huff holds an Honors Commerce Degree from McMaster University and is a graduate of the Hearst Management Institute.

Rick currently serves on the boards of FlipGive, SoundPays, Wellness Living and Carta Worldwide.