Honesty & Fairness | VERTU believes honest, direct communication grounded in logic and supported by analytic rigor is critical to great strategic decisions.

Teamwork & Alignment | VERTU works with management to create conditions for their teams to optimize results. Exceptional outcomes occur when there is an open, trusting environment, and management and shareholders are fully aligned on strategy and ownership.

Long-Term Focus | VERTU is focused on the horizon and the achievement of a company’s long-term goals, offering consistent and objective support through all phases of growth. VERTU has the experience to support teams that are doing great things at a rapid pace.


VERTU invests in companies that are targeting transformational growth – either organic or through M&A. VERTU has the flexibility to consider a variety of deal types and capital structures, including late stage growth capital, buyouts, PIPES, and public to privates.

VERTU’s investment criteria include:

  •   Proven business model
  •   $20 million plus revenue
  •   Profitable or on-track to profitability
  •   A rational competitive environment
  •   Low and manageable supplier exposure
  •   An existing moat or an ability to create one
  •   Loyal, happy, and numerous potential customers
  •   B2B or B2G and non-cyclical
  •   Strong FCF characteristics allowing business to fund growth and offering balance sheet flexibility
  •   Market leadership, proven ability to win a category
  •   Seeking transformative growth (organic and/or M&A)
  •   CEO or President who is seeking an investor thought partner, and is fully aligned both in terms of ownership and objective.