Oakville, Ontario

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Growth Equity

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Innovative Engine for Digital Payments

Carta Worldwide delivers issuer transaction processing, designed for the evolution of banking and payments.  Carta is the engine behind fintech innovation – empowering new financial service providers to offer disruptive solutions, and enabling established banks to innovate for the rapidly changing market. Carta’s next generation platform – architected specifically to meet the complexities of the modern payments ecosystem –  excels where legacy systems are challenged; delivering adaptive, modern solutions to enable innovation and optimize profitability.

Founded in 2007, Carta’s technology is powering innovative payment products in over 30 countries and four continents for market-leading organizations like MasterCard, TransferWise, Nets, ATB, and many others.

Carta was sold to Mogo Inc. (NASDAQ:MOGO) (TSX:MOGO), a digital payments and financial technology business in January 2021. Read PRESS RELEASE here.